December 27, 2009

I Can't Believe We Moved The Whole Thing

After a month of work it’s finally done… We have moved out of the Atlanta studio. It was quite a project. A month of throwing away a ton of old cameras, computers, enlargers, backgrounds, promo cards and props to get it down to a manageable amount of stuff to move… That’s a joke… It took two full days and 5 truckloads to move the remainder of the studio into our new space in Chamblee (a nice little suburb in Atlanta). The new space is going to be so much nicer. Taller ceilings, a new Cyc wall and bigger offices will make it much more fun to work in. I am sharing it with a long time friend photographer Steve Dinberg, and when it’s all set up, will be a much more efficient workplace for the next decade. We are very excited about the new space. I will post some new photos as soon as we have it all set up. At the same time, we have just finished building a new shooting studio extension to our home in Santa Barbara for Helene’s new studio. She is very excited about her new space as well. Lots of great photography assignments and constant teaching engagements kept things jumping all year long. When you do what you love for a living, it never seems like work…. It’s just a 24/7 lifestyle of creativity and sharing the knowledge. Next year will be more of the same.
I would like to thank all my followers of my blog for making my site the #1 site on the Facebook Blog Network for the subjects of Photoshop, Digital Photography, and Digital imaging. I currently have over 1350 registered followers reading the Blog on a regular basis. I hope to get a lot more tutorials done more often next year. I am taking a long overdue break out in Santa Barbara for the next two weeks to get some rest. I hope everyone will have a safe and happy new year!