September 26, 2010

Program With The Atlanta Adobe Users Group

Join me in Atlanta this Thursday for a free 2-hour program with the Atlanta Adobe Users Group. I will be demonstrating problem-solving techniques using Photoshop CS5 to streamline both the creative and production of the digital imaging workflow to improve quality and save time. Topics will include new features in Photoshop CS5, calibration and custom profiling of the camera, monitor and printer, creative Photoshop techniques using multi-image compositing with Photomerge and a preview of the upcoming new Nik HDR Efex Pro plug-in. Admission is FREE and I would love to see you there. Invite your Photoshop friends!... For RSVP details go to:

September 17, 2010

Team Nik Radio Interview

Nik Software has just posted an hour-long interview with me hosted by Scott Sheppard on my views on digital photography and imaging workflow and is now available on Nik Radio on I-Tunes. Check it out at

September 07, 2010

$100 Discount To The California Photography Festival

Victoria at The Light Workshops as given me a $100 discount code for any of my Blog readers who are interested in attending the first annual California Photo Festival in Los Osos later this month. The registration site is and the code is JDPSW_CPF2010. We hope to see some of you there for a great week of photography training.

September 06, 2010

Installing The Optional Plug-ins back Into Photoshop CS5

This past week was a great learning experience at Photoshop World. One of the classes I taught was "Creating the Perfect Panoramic Image" and I showed attendees that you could put back the missing user interface that has been left out for controlling the individual frames when stitching with PhotoMerge. I have had dozens of e-mails this weekend from attendees saying that they can't find them. They are very difficult to find unless you put the exact description words in the search engine. I will save you the time.... Here is the exact links you need to put back all the missing plug-ins and presets. Just remember, they only work in 32-bit, so you must set Photoshop CS5 to open up in 32-bit mode instead of 64-bit mode in the Photoshop CS5 info panel to use these additional plug-ins. Follow the on-line instructions and read me files to install. At least it's a lot easier to install than the last version. You don't have to drop different files all over the the computer any more. It is a one button install now. Another real important plug-in that is reinstalled is the original Photo Web Gallery. I find this interface much better than the one in the Output Module of the Bridge and well worth putting back in. I am sorry we have to bounce back and forth from 64 to 32-bit, but that's the way we will have to do it for now.

Download the optional plug-ins from these locations:
For Mac OS:
For Windows: