April 29, 2015

Great Week at Niagara Falls

         Helene and I just returned home from speaking at the Professional Photographers of Canada Conference in Niagara Falls. Good food, great friends, and an incredible location. And they call this work? Seriously?... Thanks to Gail and Peter Gold for having us both back again. We have made so many great friends there, and their membership’s photography was just beautiful. Thanks to our host, Carol Tothe we stopped off in their wine country for lunch an a few wine tastings on the way to the conference. We taught a day-long pre-con class together, some separate Photoshop and creativity classes, and did portfolio reviews for the attendees. Here are some photos from the week. We had a heck of a view for photos from our hotel room balcony.

We had a perfect view of the falls from our room. It still had some pretty big chunks of ice in it. Click on any photo to enlarge.

The conference attendees paused their busy class schedule for a giant group selfie.

Got to hang out with our friends Heather and Sandy Aberteen

Helene taught hands-on posing class, as well as a creativity class