January 30, 2009

New Web Site Is Up

         I would like to introduce you to my new web site dedicated to my digital art photography. The site can be found at www.JimDiVitale.com. That address should be easy to remember. There are lots of new images I have never shown before along with many of my classic digital montages and paintings from my portfolio.

       From the splash page, you can launch into my fine art site in Flash (or HTML), or the DiVitale Photography commercial advertising site. I would love to have you take a look and pass along any comments to me as this new site takes shape. I am in the process of removing the remaining fine art image section from the main DiVitale Photography commercial web site to make room for a new portfolio section on  architecture and interiors. I am working on a project photographing historic homes in the Atlanta area for a new book, so I will have lots of new images to post there soon. I am doing this new project as Merge to HDR images with little to no extra lighting added to achieve a very natural environmental look to the images. It's a fun project that will take many days of location shooting over the next few months.... 

        I had a very busy time in Houston last week. Taught a 2 day hands-on class of 15 students with Steve Herzberg at PrairieFire Productions. We called it "Keep it Simple". We spent a lot of the time reviewing the best options for using digital imaging workflow tools.  The class followed along on their computers as we did step by step assignments together in Photoshop and Lightroom. I will be back in the Houston area a couple of times this coming year for more two day workshops.

        If you are not on Steve's mailing list for his newsletter, you can join at this address. Steve's newsletter goes out to over 45,000 subscribers and keeps you well informed on hot digital imaging products, topics, and techniques. Check it out at PrairieFire Productions.com. While I was in Houston, I did an Adobe presentation on What's new in Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2 for a packed house of ASMP photographers. I alway enjoy any time I get to work with any of the ASMP chapters around the US. 

A few hours after my return to Atlanta, I made yet another evening presentation on Compositing for Advertising illustrations in PS CS4 to the Adobe Users Group of Atlanta. I met lots of new friends there. Sseveral of them decided to take my Tune-Up Clinic Class the following Saturday at PPR Atlanta. We had twice as many attendees this time in our second of these monthly courses I am holding at PPR. We did a fast paced 4 hour class on Raw processing in both Photoshop and Lightroom. For more info on the next class go to PPRAtlanta.com    
        This week I have been working on series of magazine illustrations that had some nice Photoshop challenges. I will be posting a few things from that soon....  Got my case of print entries out to my first competition of this year at the Professional Photographers of California conference. Haven't competed in a while, so it was good to be working on that. We will see how well they do before the next round. Sorry for the delays in posting. With all this running around, I was out with a cold for few days and I am just now getting back to normal...  Till next time..   Have a great week...  Jimmy D... 


Anonymous said...


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Thanks ! Love your work!

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