April 09, 2009

Finding the “Goodies” in Photoshop CS4

       As we move from earlier versions of Photoshop to new ones, we learn new tools and techniques to build on what we already know. Photoshop CS4 and CS4 Extended are no exception. Eventually, some of the older tools and filters will fade away as they make way for the newer streamlined workflows and effects. As we learn and get comfortable with the newer tools and interface, you my find that you sometimes miss the way you did a task in the past. I first noticed it in CS4 when I would stitch images together, I noticed there was a dialog box we had in earlier versions that was not there anymore that allowed individual control of the elements being stitched. I liked that extra step for complex compositing of images. After talking to the folks at Adobe, I found out that it was there and could be put back in…. It was there on my install disc all along with a bunch of other cool stuff that puts some the PS CS3 bells and whistles back into your PS CS4.       These plug-ins can be found on your PS CS4 install disk in the English folder. Inside of that folder is a “Goodies” folder containing lots of fun stuff to put back in your PS CS4. Besides the Photomerge extension, there is the older version of the Photo Web Gallery. I like the new procedure through the Adobe Bridge CS4, but I also like the older Photoshop version of Web Gallery as well. In the Goodies folder you have the older Web gallery can install and access from both the Tools/Photoshop Menu in Bridge CS4, or the File/Automate Menu in Photoshop CS4.       Other items you can install include the Extract Filter, the Pattern Maker and the Contact Sheet Plug-in. If you don’t have the install disc due to the original software being a downloaded version, you can find them on the Adobe Software Download site as well. You can’t just drag the whole thing into the PS CS4 Plug-in folder. There is an important read me file that comes with the plug-ins it that will tell you where to put each file. You really have to follow it to a letter. Directions are easy to follow for each plug-in. A few minutes of drag and drop files and you are ready to go….

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