August 10, 2009

Creative Fine Art Montage Class At The Light Photographic Workshops

Just got home to Santa Barbara from a great weekend teaching at the Light Photography Workshops in Los Osos California. Victoria and Hal Schmitt do a wonderful job of creating a comfortable environment to really let the creative juices flow. This was my first experience teaching at this facility, and I must say it is the most well equipped digital photography workshop training facility I have ever worked in. Most workshops have you bring you own computer with you. The attendees don’t have to bring anything to these classes. Each student has a two-monitor workstation and share large Canon 5100 printer between each station. This is one of the few classes that I have taught where I spent the entire time on creating fine art and illustrative multi-image compositing for the entire length of the workshop. We really had lots of time to explore many different avenues of how images can blend together. I was very impressed with the how the attendees really just exploded with new directions of image compositing with each project they took on. I really like this type of workshop better than the ones where I only cover a small part of image composite training among many others aspects of the digital photography workflow. I highly recommend keeping up with their blog and website for many other creative photography courses in the future.

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