November 08, 2009

New Guide To Tutorials and Blog Posts

I always love both receiving and answering questions on digital imaging from everyone, but I sometimes have a hard time getting the answers out in a timely way. Most of the time it’s just trying to reference the right tutorial or blog post to get you the information. The answer… “The List” I have taken the best of my digital photography and Photoshop PDF tutorials and blog posts and created one place to launch them all with a click. Want my formula for changing product color when creating new prototypes? Just click on the link. Want to create a photo-painting? Click the link. Want to learn Merge to HDR, stitch together a panoramic, light painting with layers? Click the link… I have also included links to download a hi res PDF of my twenty page studio portfolio, and my new super reference test chart…. Just download one PDF with all the links on it…. No typing … No kidding!…. Just click and learn at your own pace. I will expand and update it with new links in the future. The address will always stay the same. Just add a “/” to the end of my website address and “The List” will automatically download… The link is

Updates on what’s going on… Just in from Chicago today after giving a daylong “Photoshop For Medicine” program with photographer Mark Maio at the University of Illinois. The week before we did it in San Francisco. Each program we do gets better and better. Our new web site for The Digital Imaging Institute for Science and Medicine will be up soon.

Our first quarterly digital magazine is out. Download the PDF file and give it a peek. Let me know what you think….
I have expanded my color checker chart that many of you have seen over the years to have an Adobe Lightroom to Photoshop number conversion to help us understand where the most important numbers are. Download the new chart and see if it helps…. Just click the link.

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