November 07, 2010

Digital Imaging Institute Yosemite Workshop

Last weekend ended our first three day Yosemite Imaging in Ophthalmology Workshop. With expert speakers in both digital imaging and ophthalmology, attendees had a great time both learning in class and going out on morning and afternoon shoots in the incredible Yosemite National park. Organized by DII president Mark Maio, this workshop was an experience for both speakers and attendees alike. This was my first trip to the park and I was just blown away with the landscape there... We had a nice reception at the Ansel Adams Gallery getting to view many of his different masterpieces. This was just the first in what we hope will be many workshops in different specialties within science and medicine that we will be putting on through the DII. A special treat for the group were programs with Capture Integration and the quarter of a million dollars worth of high-end digital cameras they brought for everyone to try out. Helene did portraits of all the attendees so everyone could go home with a great headshot to be used in their future business needs. For more info on our association and to see our digital magazine, visit the website at

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Unknown said...

Did your ophthalmology experts speak on ophthalmology as it relates to photography?

Was the Idea to teach people to really look or was it more to do with people who have eye problems using photography?