September 01, 2011

Maui Photo Festival 2011

        On thing I do a lot more of these days is teach at photography festivals. Just getting back from a week at the Maui Photo Festival. Always a great time there. Terrie, Beth, and Zane alway put on a great show. This year was no exception. It was held again at the Hyatt Resort in Kaanpali Beach which is beautiful area on the west side of Maui. First day while we had some free time, photographers Eddie Tapp, Jack Reznicki, Jay Fletcher and myself had a snorkeling day. It was documented by Eddie and he has posted it to Vimeo... Pretty Funny...  Take a look by clicking on this link.  

Having fun with Eddie's Canon D10 waterproof camera.

Opening Night at the Maui Photo Festival 2011.

Attendees shooting Hula Dancers at sunset.

Last year I shot 16 gigs of raw files on these dancers. Tried not to overshoot this time.

Photographer Lewis Caryle set up some nice food sets to practice photographing on. Slipped in a few exposures with the Canon 90mm tilt/shift lens.

I was ready for a nice lunch after this class.

Jack Reznicki demonstrated his lighting techniques on photographing children.


Every morning, Jack and I would meet for breakfast by the pool, The hungry birds would wait above us in standby until we were finished so they could dive right in.

Sometimes they wouldn't  wait

This one was especially attracted to chocolate muffins

The light was always changing out there...    One minute it would look like this....

Then an hour later it would look like this.....

Any time spent in Maui with friends is a good time..... Aloha....


kana said...

Sat in on your compositing class...incredible! Thank you for all the great tips!

Terrie said...

I wanted to sit in on your compositing class, but then you know how it is with us event organizers. Thanks for coming, Jim, and tell Helene we missed her. A hui hou.

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