October 12, 2011

Upcoming Programs

     Lots of programs coming up...  This month I will be doing a 3-hour Canon Explorers of Light program at PPR on October 27. Hope those of you in the Atlanta Area can join me there. Space is limited and I understand it's almost full now, so please let  PPR know if you are attending. Got some nice door prizes from onOne, Nik, Adobe, Lensbaby, X-rite, Hoodman, and Triple Scoop Music.

      I will be in Orlando on October 21st speaking along with photographer Mark Maio at the Ophthalmic Photographers' Societies Annual conference sponsored by Adobe. The afternoon workshop will be a hands-on computer class where attendees can work on files along with us...

     On November 7th, I will be doing another Canon Explorers of Light Program in Boston for the Commercial-Industrial Photographers of New England. CPINE has invited ASMP members and local photography students to join in on this 2-hour long evening program. Hope you can join in...  Look forward to seeing you there.


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