April 19, 2014

On The Road In 2014 with Canon USA


     This year brings on a whole new speaking project for me. I will be teaching the Canon multi-city educational tour with Jack Reznicki and Amina Moreau.  Jack and I have been collaborating for months creating a new two-day photography program that will go to 24 cities this year. Amina will be teaching DSLR video at each of the dates, while Jack and I will split them up so each of us will do half the cities. The Saturday class is a lecture program covering camera and speedlite functions, composition,  lighting, and creative camera techniques, while the Sunday class is split into a hands-on Speedlite shooting class with models, and an intensive DSLR video class. I am really looking forward to making this "Canon In Action" tour a great success. To see more information on cities and dates, check out the Canon site at this link. http://canoninaction.com
Photos by Eric Stoner

     The beginning of last month, I did a week long lecture tour of camera clubs in New England sponsored by Canon. Had the greatest time meeting new photographers all sharing the love for the art of image making.  Big thanks to Steve Inglima of Canon and Susan and Jake Mosser of the NECCC for making all that happen.  Each night, I gave a presentation to a different club, so I moved around a lot to different areas. While in Brewster, Cape Cod, I stayed in a 200 year old Bed & Breakfast that was very cool. I want to go back and stay there during the fall and shoot the changing colors. I finished up the tour with a half daylong commercial program at Hunt’s Camera in Melrose. Many of the club members came from all over the area to see me a second time. Had so many show up, we had to move it out of the store and into another building that held more people. Along with the program, Hunt’s Camera did a nice showing of several pieces my work in their store gallery. Really cool store! Thanks for all the nice feedback.

     Photoshop World in Atlanta was a great conference as well. First time the full show has been here. This was my 28th Photoshop World in a row that I have had the honor of speaking at. It is my favorite conference as Helene and I both get to teach there and the staff and instructors are like family to us. We had lots of attendees showing up in the Canon Booth to see the new 600 RT Speedlites in action. At each PSW show, I get to host an evening special event “The Art of Digital Photography” with a panel of world class photographers showing their work that is always one of highlights of the three day event. This will be a very busy year! Hope I get to see some of you very soon as I hit the road…

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Lisa Thayer said...

You, Jack and Amina did a FANTASTIC job in Raleigh. I wish I didn't have a shoot on Sunday so I could have joined the fun of hands on day. Wishing the three of you much success in this adventure.... Hope to be able to attend another class with you in the near future sitting in the front row asking a million questions and sharing chocolate cover almonds all the while!

~Best Wishes,