November 06, 2014

Canon In Action - San Francisco

         This weekend was another great Canon In Action Workshop in San Francisco. I also have a new blog post on the Canon Digital Learning Center site on the creative use of E-TTL Canon 600EX-RT Speedlites that I would like you to check out at: 

         San Francisco is such a cool city to visit. Only a few more cities left on the Canon tour so we hope you can attend one of the final workshops. For information on the final cities on the tour, visit

        The Sunday attendees gather around as I demo the use of the Canon 90mm tilt/shift lens on a still life tabletop setup.

       Here are a couple of images I did this weekend with the models I converted to black and white with NIK Silver Effects Pro II.

        The Sunday Speedlite Workshop had some hard working attendees ending up with some great images at the end of the day. While Amina was teaching the hands-on video workshop, Helene was there to work with me to help with posing techniques along with photographer Jeff Leimbach who keeps this tour moving smoothly every week. David and Calvin from Canon were on hand to help with the hardest of the technical questions and lighting setups. Could not pull this off with out the team effort from everyone involved including Jack Reznicki who shares in alternating with me in teaching the different cities across the country and co-designed the photography content of this tour. This was my last city on the tour, and I would like to thank Canon and everyone involved for making it such a success. It was quite an experience for me and I learned so much along the way. We ended the Sunday class with some RAW processing techniques in Photoshop to enhance the day's images. Here are some of the behind the scenes images.

           After the workshop, Helene and I spent some time seeing the sights and took a trip up to Bodega Bay to visit our friends Steve and Denise Hertzberg. Steve was a great photography guide through the Northern California coastal towns and the redwood forest for us to shoot some wonderful scenic HDR photography. Just wanted to share some of the images from this weekend with you.  The HDR exposures were processed in NIK HDR Efex II and Photoshop CC 2014.  For those of you Photoshop users who haven't gotten on the Adobe Creative Cloud, you really need to sign up to Adobe's $9.99 per month subscription so you can take advantage of all the latest software enhancements that make Photoshop CC 2014 better than ever! Northern California has some of our countries most beautiful scenery.

           Till next time..... Work Smarter.... Not Harder


Unknown said...

Glad you had another great workshop! Safe travels. Scott A.

Anonymous said...

Hello from jay and Anne in Marietta
Please tel Helene hi

jfred said...

Thank you for the images and the data about the workshop. Always excellent, always inspiring too. Thank you Jim.

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