April 11, 2011

Photoshop World Orlando 2011

This past week I had the pleasure of teaching at my 22nd Photoshop World along with Helene. This year’s show had the fashion theme of Project Photoshop. The opening keynote was done with a fashion show parody of the TV show Project Runway with Photoshop World instructors playing all the parts. The videos that NAPP produces at the keynote get better every year and this time was no exception. The Photoshop Fashions that were created were very cool.

Lots of new classes this year. I did a class on Post-Production Prototyping for the first time that went well. Helene had a large crowd on hand for her posing and lighting class. Besides the regular programs and portfolio reviews, I did several short programs in the trade show theater and the onOne and Wacom booths so it was a fast paced conference as usual.

The Art of Digital Photography panel was one of the very best ones ever. Hosting this conference gathering of 2500+ attendees is defiantly a major highlight and honor every year.

Photo realist artist and Photoshop World instructor Bert Monroy (www.BertMonroy.com) had his 25-foot long Time Square digital painting on display there in a giant backlit light box. Bert is the only person I have ever sceen that can draw a computer image by hand that looks like a photograph. You have to visit his site to really appreciate this image that took 4 years of work, 750,000 layers, and upwards of 1,000,000 paths. (Makes me worn out just saying that) Another reason this is so cool is that all of the Photoshop World instructors are in the crowd including Helene and me. Remember… This is drawn from scratch… No photography here… You just have to see it in person to believe it….

Helene and I are shown here in the New York crowd along with all our Photoshop World instructor friends. If you missed the Orlando conference, you need to make plans for the fall show in Las Vegas….

Helene is showing the class how to pose a large group portrait.

Scott's band Big Electric Cat rocks out at BB Kings.