July 24, 2011

Photo Illustration... Irish Style...

In Orvieto, Italy, a couple of years back, I met this great Irish guy named Vincent O'Byrne. I attended one of his programs and it was really different and inspiring. Vincent is an advertising photographer based in Dublin, but perhaps he his best known for his Fine Art Fantasy Nudes.

I have just had a look at his recent high quality video production showing how he creates some of his Illustrative images. What I like about these tutorial movies is that he shares his creative process in a way to help to pre-visualize images. Vincent talks about the 'Spark of an Idea' and shows how he develops those ideas into hard copy images. He also shows how he works with his model in a live studio scenario, illustrating how he lights and poses the model for the perfect image. Finally, he takes his captures into Photoshop and composites them with the simplest of techniques. All in all, this is a fabulous production and great value for money running at just over 2 hours. Check out this sample clip on U-tube to get a taste.


It is available as a digital download at http://www.vincentobyrnebeinspired.com/


Unknown said...

This tutorial by Vincent is a must have! From start to finish Vincent demonstrates with ease how to create beautiful fantasy images of your very own.A fantastic educational resource

Gareth Byrne

President of The Irish Professional Photographers Association

MJ Hayes said...

I have downloaded Vinnie O Byrnes " Be Inspired" video a few days ago, and I need to say a few things about it.

Buy It !!!!!
Look At It !!!!!
Enjoy it !!!!!!!
Be amazed by it !!!!
But above all else, you will be Inspired By It.

This video is truely amazing from start to finish. It teaches you firstly to believe in yourself, yes, that "YOU" can dream up original ideas, then shoot them, then PP them, and after that Go Win some competitions.

During the process from the first chapter to the last, I guarantee that your pulse and BP will elevate, because you will feel a huge rush of excitement and inspiration while you view this video.

The thing I like also is the style of the video. Its quality is breathtaking, and Vinnies approach is steady, while never assuming that the viewer is total novice or totally advanced, its for every photographer.

Also, its the type of video that you will go back to for guidance, technique and dare I say Inspiration from time to time.

Look, its simple, this video has blown me away, and I might also add, I'm not easily blown away.
I have taught photography courses myself to novice photographers and given some lectures to advanced photographers, so I like to think that I know what I am saying.

Vincent O Byrne, thank you for taking the time to produce this video, and for sharing your vast experience and talent.

I am gladly going to plunge myself into this video, and engage myself in as many related projects as I can.

Michael Hayes

Anonymous said...

Wow you do great work! I wish I could be 1/16 of an artist that you are! You have more talent in your pinky fingernail than I ever will have. I need to go back to college...! What is Adobe? Have a great day!